Lead generation is the key to growing any business, whether you’re running a car dealership or a hair salon. If you are an auto dealer, however, you have one advantage: you can utilize trigger leads. This specialized service connects you with customers who are actively shopping with your competitors, giving you the opportunity to acquire their business almost directly at the point of sale. Interested? Read on to learn more, and contact Credit Mail Experts today to take advantage of our targeted service.

What Are Trigger Leads?

Trigger leads are generated when a customer goes to a dealership with intent to buy or finance a vehicle and their credit report is pulled. Credit Mail Experts can connect you with information on these leads to give you a chance to contact a potential customer offer them a better deal than what they may be considering.

Benefits of Trigger Leads

Find In-Market Customers

The greatest advantage of trigger leads is that they connect you with potential customers who are already in the market for a car and intending to buy. These leads aren’t “triggered” until they are in the final stages of buying or financing a car, which means you don’t have to waste time on leads that are still on the fence.

Target Subprime Consumers

Trigger leads can also be filtered by a number of details, so you can target an audience that your special financing dealership is uniquely prepared to help: the subprime consumer. Many customers are ready to buy a new car and face an unpleasant surprise when their credit report comes back less than favorable. To make things more challenging, many dealerships don’t have the capacity to work with these subprime consumers, and the customer is turned away. With trigger leads, you have a chance to get in touch with that customer and show them how you can help.

How to Use Them

You have an opportunity to meet these potential customers where they’re at and offer them exactly what they want: a car, regardless of their poor credit score. However, many dealerships simply don’t have the resources to access these leads on their own. That’s where Credit Mail Experts comes in — we can connect you with thousands of active shoppers a day, and we have the expertise and experience to help you get a better response rate.

Our Active Shopper Program utilizes connections with multiple credit bureaus to deliver great leads directly to your email or your customer relationship management (CRM) tool. We can even go a step further and reach out to those leads on your behalf through direct mail marketing and our personable call center staff.

Contact Credit Mail Experts Today to Get Started

If you are looking for subprime auto leads, look no further than Credit Mail Experts. We are solely dedicated to connecting auto dealerships with subprime consumers looking for special financing, and we have all the resources to make it worthwhile. With thoughtfully designed direct consumer marketing techniques and a high-quality call center, we generate a response rate almost ten times the average seen with similar programs!

Lead generation is only the first step. Credit Mail Experts closes the gap, not only providing you with valuable trigger leads, but also helping you make the most of those leads. You don’t have to worry about answering calls or stuffing envelopes, because we take care of it for you. All you have to do is close the final sale, and our average partner dealership closes 30 percent of the Active Shopper Leads they receive from our program. Add thousands of dollars in gross profit to your business — contact Credit Mail Experts today to learn more about our Active Shopper Trigger Program.