Do you know who is shopping your competitor right now? We do!

Every day, subprime and near-prime customers are walking into the wrong dealerships. With our Active Subprime and Active Near-Prime programs, commonly referred to as “trigger leads”, you can reach these prospects.

Because our process is triggered when your targeted prospect has their credit pulled for an automotive loan by a dealership in your market, we know with certainty that these prospects are actively shopping for a vehicle. If your dealership offers the best in special financing, then you should own your market.

Why is our Active Shopper Trigger Lead program so much better?

  • We use multiple bureaus — most active shopper direct response programs only use one.
  • Our call center contacts every prospect, generating additional responses and warm transfers.
  • Our direct consumer marketing pieces give your prospects the option of our toll-free live call center or our secure web site.
  • No stuffing envelopes — we do all of the work for you.
  • All hot leads are delivered to your email or CRM within seconds.
  • Our average response rate is more than 10 times what similar programs can offer!