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For over 30 years, Denny Long has created direct mail marketing products for the subprime and buy here pay here industries. Simply put, Denny invented the subprime mail marketing products that have been copied for years and years. You could find a link to Denny Long at every subprime marketing company in the United States. What sets Credit Mail Experts Products apart is the ability to use data to raise the response rates to record levels, giving the dealer the best return on investment in the industry.

It's called, “Denny Long's Secret Sauce.”

We offer FCRA compliant, lender backed, targeted credit mail and targeted trigger mail and make sure that customers get the offer via First Class Mail. Our 3 different bankruptcy programs have no minimums so they can be customized to any size auto dealer. We also offer the only Buy Here Pay Here, BHPH, mail product in the United States.

Staying True To Our Roots - Sub Prime and Buy Here Pay Here

We have 3 core  products designed for the Sub Prime Dealer 

DRIVENOW CARD™ Daily Trigger Program – Every day consumers with credit problems walk into the wrong dealership only to be told that they cannot be helped with financing.  That’s why every day we grab the credit bureaus that are pulled on consumers by dealers and banks in your selected geographic  area within your selected credit score range.  We recommend 450 to 549 for BHPH and 450 to 619 for Special Finance, but that does vary based on the dealer’s lenders.  This program is like having a spy in every dealership in town.  In addition to all of the great extras included in all Credit Mail Experts Platinum Card Programs our professional call center makes an outbound call to each person we pull for you today that has a listed phone number and is not on the Do Not Call List.  This gets your offer to these consumers the day after they shopped at the “wrong” dealership.

DRIVENOW CARD™ Auto Credit Mail – When you need a consistent supply of quality leads our Platinum Auto Credit Mail Program is the right ticket.  You selected the zip codes and score ranges, we add in the right combination of filters to reduce the un-bankable and non-responsive consumers delivering high response rates from high quality consumers.  Our minimum drop quantity is only 500 pieces so we can work with most any budget.

DRIVENOW CARD™ Weekly Bankruptcy Program – Most Bankruptcy programs force you to mail to Bankruptcies that are too old or too far away from your dealership to be effective.  Don’t waste your money on a program that isn’t designed to get the most from your investment.  The Credit Mail Experts Weekly Bankruptcy Program hits the fresh filings and discharges for you every week.  Statistics show that 37% of those that file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will purchase a vehicle within 30 days of discharge.  Our program mails this highly responsive group four times between Filing and 30 days after Discharge.

Credit Mail Experts has developed cutting edge direct mail marketing products that are unmatched in their ability to obtain the highest customer response rates in the industry.
Stop stuffing envelopes and start focusing on the important parts of your business, while we handle your direct mailing.
Contact us at 877-512-1367 to learn more about our credit, bankruptcy, BHPH, and trigger mail products today!

"We have been on the Fresh Bankruptcy Program for over 2 year now, highest return on investment we have ever had on a mail product, We told them to NEVER stop this program"

Indiana Buick Store

"I could never imagine that we could get over a 1% response rate on a trigger mail product, until we hit 8 % and we never worried about being compliant because CME handled everything, no one does this better, no one."

Illinois Chevrolet Dealer

"I will never stuff envelopes again, no lists, no stamps, CME has live operators that can even transfer the customer to my dealer right when the customer calls , I just get to sell cars."

California Mazda Dealer